Agile Coaching

Our multi-week coaching intensives are designed to enhance team dynamics, boost agility, and provide unique outside perspective.

Agile Health Check

Gain outside perspective on your situation and specific, actionable recommendations through a four-week health check assessment.

Activities include:

  • Interviews & follow-ups with team members, leaders, and stakeholders
  • Observation of team and organization events - Reviews, Retrospectives, Planning, Refinement, Daily Scrums, and others
  • Sessions with existing team to gather input and reflect team-specific observations and recommendations
  • Full group readout
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Coworkers talking at an agile workshop

Strategic Partnership

Our in-context coaching approach seamlessly integrates into your team's workflow, providing real-time feedback and mentoring during meetings and interactions. This immersive approach fosters rapid learning and continuous improvement while minimizing disruptions to your team's daily operations. With immersive coaching, your team can gain immediate feedback and guidance, accelerate learning, minimize disruptions, and enhance team dynamics.

Individual Professional Coaching

Leading through change can be difficult. A professional coaching relationship is an intensive collaboration that spurs your growth amid challenges and opportunities. Through regular individual coaching sessions, you will gain an outside perspective that brings clarity and builds confidence. Partner with our experienced coaches to cultivate the resilience and adaptability required to thrive in times of change.

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