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We help product development teams increase their performance through highly-interactive agile workshops and customized coaching.

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Better Products Start With
Strong, Effective Teams

We partner with you to build high-performance teams that can navigate the complexities of today's product development environment. We equip your team with the skills and mindsets needed to increase effectiveness, drive innovation, and deliver superior results.

Interactive Workshops

Real transformative change only happens through participation. All of our trainings are highly-interactive experiences that provide everyone with clear action steps afterwards.

World-Class Coaches

We bring over 4 decades of combined experience working in the agile product development space. Everything we do, we can teach. Everything we teach, we can do.

Customized Training

From Fortune 500 companies to high-tech startups, we know how to build a curriculum that gets your team unstuck and hitting your goals while having fun along the way.

Our Services

Modern Leadership Training For
Greater Product Agility

From public classes to private workshops, our trainings are designed to boost product agility and team performance. We also offer Custom Training to help your organization overcome specific challenges.

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"No slides + guided conversation with colleagues = good investment"
"These guys blow my mind no matter how many trainings I’ve done with them."
"I have 3 years of experience working as a Scrum Master, and this class has now given me the confidence to own the role and help organizations develop or improve their Scrum framework."
"The Scrum Master course was masterfully organized and delivered with finesse, fun, and a joy for learning."
"I’ve been to several soft skills training classes. This was by far the best - I know I can walk out of here and use this!"
"This class was incredibly helpful. In between the two sessions, I was able to apply what I had learned in the first session immediately in a critical conversation I needed to have. The conversation went so much better with these skills than it would have without."
"The most actionable soft-skills training that I've ever received."
"Chris' PSPO-A class was among the best I have taken. I walked away feeling like I gained knowledge, skills, and tools to do my job better. Absolutely recommended."
"Very informative and interactive. Chris provided great opportunities to share and gather ideas, and great thought provoking exercises to help you explore."
"This course isn't just an info dump - Chris facilitates in a way that breeds understanding and assists with creating immediately actionable to-do's for participants to take back to their teams."
"If you want to get past the theory and understand how Scrum is applied in the real world, Chris is your go-to."
"Chris took the time to explore possibilities and examine different ideas with the class making it more enjoyable and educational."

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