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We’re doing a series on Marty Cagan’s new book - “Transformed”. If you’d like to see the other parts of the series, check it out:

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Quintessential Thought

Principle 4: Build Collaboration

In order for us to bring the best ideas to life, we need to know what they are. The challenge is no one person always has the best ideas, so we need to increase the diversity of perspectives without losing our vision of what we’re solving. In “Transformed”, Cagan gives many examples of how we can increase collaboration.

At Unstuck, we’ve found that all good collaborative conversations share 4 ingredients in their shape:

  1. Context - why are we here? What problem are we trying to solve?

  2. Divergence - we diverge on different ways to solve the problem without shooting any down. Free creative space.

  3. Convergence - we look through the options presented and use criteria to determine which ones are most helpful for our problem.

  4. Action - we gain clarity on which steps we’re going to take, who owns it, and how we’ll inspect the results.

By setting up our conversations differently, it enables the perspective we need to get the results we want.


No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it. - H.E. Luccock

The kind of errors that cause plan crashes are invariably errors of teamwork and communication - Malcolm Gladwell

Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is sol powerful and so rare. - Patrick Lencioni

Quick Step

Start with a collaborative conversation - pick one thing where you need input, grab an hour on the calendar for a few people, and walk through the steps. Learn more about the details of a collaborative conversation here.


What perspective are you missing? How can you move a step further to getting it?

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